Huntley Lodge Hotel: A Fine Place To Experience

If you decide to come to Christchurch in New Zealand most probably you will go by plane. You will fly to Christchurch airport. The Christchurch airport is a modern place. There are many comfortable hotels around it. Huntley Lodge is the second closest one, placed comfortably only 3.2 miles away. There are several reasons why you should stay in Huntley Lodge. It is really a must-visit place.

Uniqueness of Huntley Lodge

Very often modern hotels are located within short distance from the airport. They are meant to:

  • Be convenient. Basic convenience conditions are obligatory.
  • Have modern design. Simple shapes and lines are characteristic features for close to airport accommodation.
  • Have minimalistic atmosphere. Such hotels usually do not have a welcoming atmosphere needed for a long stay. They are too simplistic. They are good places to stay during short term visits or business trips.
  • Such hotels are quite big as well. They offer huge conference halls for business meetings and other events. That is why such hotels can be really crowded.

Huntley Lodge is exactly the opposite. Located not far from the airport, it provides unique homely atmosphere. What makes it so special?

  • Its history. Today Huntley Lodge is composed of two parts: a new one and an an old one. The latter was constructed back in 19th century. It has a really unique design typical for the epoch during which it was built.
  • Medium size conference rooms. Usually, such rooms define the atmosphere of the place. If they are too big they ruin the peaceful hotel atmosphere.
  • Fine interior. The rooms are well-designed. They are made with chic and simplicity. They give the feeling of staying at home.
  • Excellent cuisine. The hotel offers fine dining. You can enjoy top dishes of European and national cuisine. You can also try a barbecue, which is excellent here.
  • Friendly staff. The employees at the hotel are well-qualified, and also capable of providing service and support in different languages.
  • Different services. The hotel cooperates with various agencies, and the staff will be able to organize a birthday party or marriage for any of their guests if needed.

All these features make Huntley Lodge a special place to stay in.

Huntley Lodge: Recognition And Appreciation  

Hotel sector has its own type of recognition. In New Zealand there is an organization called Qualmark that assesses the quality of the apartments and hotels. Huntley Lodge received the highest rating according to their assessment scheme, which was 5 out of 5 stars.

The hotel is also valued by the visitors. It is always full. The average price per room is 200 dollars, and it is really worth it.

The area around Huntley Lodge is also very attractive. The hotel buildings are surrounded by garden and park area. Staying in Huntley Lodge brings not only comfort but also relaxation. You will breath fresh air and enjoy wonderful views.